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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Learning to Dance Again

I realize this is my first post in over a year. And that a lot things have happened during this time... like marriage and stuff. But I'm not going to do a recap so this is about other random things. Which is what my posts are usually all about anyway.  This picture will recap enough...

Okay... now back to business.

I am a dance major. At that point in my life, everything I saw in my future was related to this education I was receiving and was directly related to the thought "my blood (a little too literally), sweat (literally times ten), and tears (literally)" were going to pay off when I start my own dance academy and dance company. Yeah... ok.  Let's bring it down a notch or two.

There are a lot of dreams that I have that I will not accomplish. There are a lot of dreams that I had and didn't even come close to accomplishing. That doesn't mean I am going to stop dreaming. That doesn't mean that I have given up and have stopped doing things to progress my journey in making those dreams a reality.

Dreams are funny things. There are a lot of different dreams and everyone has their own version of dreaming. So this post is probably only relevant to myself. Well, whatever, I am still going to write it anyway.

But I'm not the only one.
Dreams are wishes that are put into motion. Wishes are merely thoughts, dreams require actions.

We aren't talking about wishes here. That's is a whole other thing.

So, dreams change. If you are anything like me, dreams change, or modify quite often. And some dreams are bigger than others, and some dreams aren't at the top of my list anymore, but are now maybe wishes, what ifs, and that would be cool, kind of thoughts.

It doesn't mean you have given up, but maybe your priorities change. Maybe you realize that you need some sense of reality when thinking ideally... I mean when I was a kid I wanted to be a marine biologist... that was simply the worst fit ever. I am terrified of the big blue ocean and I have to be good at a lot of science... no thanks. Or there are things at this point in your life that mean more to you than becoming an Oscar winning actress, or a Jazz singer in a rhinestone studded gown in Vegas. Don't judge. Those were REAL dreams. But maybe that is part of this whole "dreaming" process. You figure out what your real dreams are.

There are dreams that you realize are there only after getting to know yourself better... and hopefully you are getting to know who you are as person all the time. As people life is constantly shaping us and reshaping us. And when you get to know yourself better, you can see areas that you want to become better, maybe some new dreams come about and you are back at the beginning.  

Just because you didn't accomplish ALL your dreams, or even what you thought was your ONE AND ONLY dream, in the way that you thought you should have or could have doesn't mean those dreams didn't make an impact on you or those around you. If you strive for good things, the results will be positive, even if the result is you learned a lesson. Most likely, you come out on the other side of the tunnel with more knowledge about yourself and this universe we live in. If you "fail" and realize your dream is not going to happen, you can still take the opportunity to learn from that failure, if not only to relate and help someone else.

Maybe you didn't start your own dance company, but in dreaming about the possibility, you learned a few, or a million things. You learned how to be creative. You learned how to have a good work ethic and to practice. You learned you sucked at ballet. Then you learned to accept it and keep working at it anyway. You learned how to better communicate by trying to teach someone a dance you created in your body. It's harder than it sounds. You learned that no matter how hard you tired, sometimes it just didn't matter. You learned how to be more patient. You learned how to be more open. You learned how to be supportive. You learned how to fall without hurting yourself. You learned how to be vulnerable.  You learned that not everything you created was worth putting on the stage. You learned a lot about life.

I stopped dancing for about a year. That is just sad, because dance is a part of me. It is. It's not something that I want to ignore. Dance is something I had to work really hard at because I got the short end of the stick when it came to a lot of dance things... and anatomically... and experience wise. Anyway, my blood, sweat, and tears were not wasted. And I get to take/teach dance once a week now. That's like the most miniscule amount compared to what I had been doing or what I thought I was going to be doing. But it still makes me happy. My dream now, in regards to dance, is to just dance. At least right now it is. That could change =)

Basically what I am trying to say is that I have a lot of dreams. Some old some new. They pertain to all areas of my life. Some are more fickle than others. Some, I know, will never change. Some dreams were fulfilled in a way that was completely unexpected. Some, I know deep down, probably won't happen. That doesn't stop me from dreaming. It helps me have the motivation I need to keep dreaming and keep going.

Um, I didn't proof read this, so if something doesn't make sense, sorry. I will try and edit later.

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